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Webinar courses

What do you need to join the course: 


1) Laptop with web-camera and speakers 

2) Smartphone

ZOOM software 

For your iPhone device - Instructions

For your Android device - Instructions

For your computer - Instructions

What do we provide you during the course 


1) Online Registration Form

2) Online SST Card Request Form

3) Online Evaluation form

Course paperwork 

Digital Booklet

Digital Class Activity

Digital Certification

How will the instructor help you during the course: 

1) Answer your questions 

2) Helping you with the course activities 

3) Showing Hand-on activity for the PPE 

What do you need to do in order to receive your certification

1) Complete all required hours of the training

2) Participate in all activities  

3) Complete all required forms

4) Pass the final examination with 70% passing score


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