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False Rumors Regarding DOB Inspectors

Rumors on social media that DOB inspectors are going door-to-door in neighborhoods unannounced, asking for access into homes to conduct illegal conversion inspections, ARE FALSE.

Since the devastating floods last week, the city has received over 2,700 self-reported notifications of storm-damaged properties in communities across the 5 boroughs. These damage notifications have been self-reported by property owners & tenants living in these properties.

In the interest of protecting our fellow New Yorkers, DOB is conducting safety inspections of these 2,700+ properties to check for structural damage and other immediately hazardous conditions.

We are triaging these storm damage notifications as they come in, and our teams of inspectors responding to these specific locations are looking to ensure these structures are safe to occupy.

If we find storm-related damage during these inspections, we are notifying the property owner of the conditions, and providing guidance on how to go about making repairs.

Vacate Orders are only issued as a last resort, when building occupancy poses an immediate life safety threat. To date, our inspection teams conducting these self-reported storm damage safety inspections have not issued any Vacate Orders for illegal conversion conditions.

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