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NYC DOB Training Connect Cards Required by February 2023

The New York City Department of Buildings announced in an April service update that anyone who received their SST Worker or SST Supervisor card in 2019, 2020, and 2021 must obtain a newly formated SST Card in compliance with the new regulation.

The Department of Buildings is rolling out its new NYC DOB Training Connect, which will work as a central database for all safety training earned by each member of the workforce. Initially, it will only cover courses involved in the SST Worker and SST Supervisor courses, however, in the near future, all NYC DOB Training will be included in this database. While there is still a lot to be seen, the functionality of the Training Connect platform will be a great tool for NYC Construction Safety for years to come. All SST Cardholders will be required to have the newly formatted card by February 1st 2023.

How Do I Get My Updated SST Card?

Safety Dynamics has been issuing the new NYC DOB Training Connect Cards since November of 2021 so if you took your SST Course with us after that time no further action is required. However, if you received your SST Card prior to November 2021 you will need to get a newly formated SST Card.

If you took your course prior to November 2021, please contact our training department at and we will respond back in a timely manner. You can also visit the "Book A Course" area of our website, and enroll in the "SST CARD" option. There will be an administrative fee that is applicable due to the high demand and process of onboarding all students to the new training connect platform. Once you've registered yourself for this option, someone on our team will reach out to you with the next steps which may include filling out an online form to ensure updated information.

What Happens If I Don't Get the New Card?

The Department stated in the April Service Update that beginning on February 1, 2023 All Construction Sites That Require DOB Licensed Safety Professionals will only accept NYC DOB Training Connect Cards. This means, that if you do not have the new card, you will not be allowed on your job site. The NYC DOB also states, that there will be a violation issued Owner, permit holder, and Employer for each employee who remains on the job after Feb. 1. 2023 and does not have an NYC DOB Training Connect Card. Cards in the old format which are not issued through the Training Connect System will not be accepted.

Can Safety Dynamics Help Me Get the Training Connect Card?

YES. Safety Dynamics is here to help. We encourage all students who got their SST Card to use Safety Dynamics as a tool for fast, efficient, and accurate service. Please visit our Book A Course page to submit for a new SST Card. Please keep in mind, that if you did not take all SST courses with Safety Dynamics, there may be a delay in issuing your card due to our strict verification process.

The NYC DOB Training Connect Cards:


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