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Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2021

On this day we are reflecting on our impact on our community and planet.

It's not always easy to implement green policies, but we have found at least six small ways to help lessen our footprint on the planet.

  1. We have installed rooftop solar panels to lower our carbon footprint

  2. Recycling containers are easily accessible and clearly labelled in each classroom

  3. We have water coolers to eliminate plastic bottle use by staff and students

  4. Compared to 2019, we have reduced printing output by 80%

  5. Reduced energy consumption by utilizing auto-shutoff feature

  6. Only purchasing paper that is made from at least 30% post-consumer waste

What steps have you taken to be more "green"?

Are there any ways you think we can further improve?

We are all ears - send your tips and recommendations for "going green" to

Progress is impossible without change.



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