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C3/C5 Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading and Hazardous Coatings Removal/Refresher

Updated: Mar 28

Lead removal is a danger to the public, workers, and the environment, and there are several legal and liability aspects to removing it. Our C3/C5 courses are essential for anyone who will be safely removing lead or other toxic metals on the job.

Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading and Hazardous Coatings Removal (C3) : 32 hours

Recommended for renovators, remodelers, painters, maintenance personnel, and any other workers removing or modifying painted surfaces.

Course Description:

C3 contains specific discussions on protecting workers, compliance with environmental regulations, proper management of waste streams, operations that result in potential exposures to lead and other hazards, and associated control technology. It includes background information on the hazards of lead and other toxic metals as well as a review of the current legal and regulatory issues. The course also addresses developing programs to effectively control risks to workers, the public, and the environment.

Course Content:

  • Hazardous coatings and materials in industrial painting

  • Legal and liability issues

  • Health effects of hazardous coatings and materials

  • Identification of hazardous coatings/hazardous materials

  • Air, soil, water/sediment, and dust regulations and monitoring strategies

  • Worker protection from hazardous coatings/materials

  • Respiratory protection and PPE

  • Management of solid and hazardous wastes

  • Sources of hazardous coatings exposure

  • Control of environmental releases (containment and ventilation)

  • Specifications, submittals, and site-specific compliance programs

  • Pre-planning and worksite preparation

  • In-process and post-competent person (CP) responsibilities/demobilization

Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading and Hazardous Coatings Removal Refresher (C5): 8 Hours

Recommended for Contractors and Competent Persons, engineers, EHS, other consultants, and specifying or project managers who have previously taken the C3.

This 1-day C5 course provides a review of Competent Person duties and responsibilities in working with lead and other hazardous materials encountered in industrial coatings work. It also reviews relevant OSHA and EPA regulations.

Course Content

  • Competent Person requirements

  • Health effects / OSHA health standards

  • EPA regulations

  • Overview of containment and ventilation

  • Regulatory update

The AMPP C5 Refresher course is required to be completed:

  • Annually for those people working with companies that are SSPC QP 2 (now AMPP) certified, or on projects where the AMPP QP 2 certification is required or;

  • AMPP recommends every two years for all others unless regulatory or contract requirements are more stringent.

Note: Check with the Department of Environment with your state for their specific requirements. Most states require a C5 refresher every two years.



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