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New Law Replaces Green Wooden Fences with Chain Link Fences at Stalled Construction Sites

The law will affect construction sites that have been stalled for over two years. On June 28, 2021, Local Law 74 was enacted by the NYC Council. The law which originated as Intro 1128 was introduced on September 26, 2018 by Council Member Robert Holden. The new law will amend the New York City Building Code and requires developers to replace the green wooden fences with chain link fences after construction has stopped for two years. The green fences can return when work resumes.

“I promised my neighbors I would do something about these unsightly and unsafe fences and today, my colleagues and I have fulfilled that promise,” Holden said yesterday.

Other Queens councilmembers who co-sponsored the bill include Daniel Dromm, Peter Koo, Eric Ulrich, Francisco Moya and James Gennaro.



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