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On May 17, 2021, the Department of Buildings (DOB) released Bulletin 2021-004 to provide guidance to owners, contractors, and designers for placing sidewalk sheds near green infrastructure.


Green infrastructure is typically located within or adjacent to a sidewalk, a public right-of-way. Green infrastructure must be accounted for when designing and placing a sidewalk shed to ensure the sidewalk shed does not damage or negatively impact green infrastructure.


Owners, contractors and designers must comply with the restrictions in the Bulletin when designing and installing sidewalk sheds near the following types of green infrastructure:

• rain gardens

• concrete top infiltration basins

• grass top infiltration basins

The restrictions aim to prevent damage to these green infrastructures, ensuring sidewalk sheds do not impede on their continual operation, including maintenance access by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) while complying with the requirements of the Building Code.

Care must be taken to not step on or otherwise disturb the soil and vegetation in a rain garden while installing, removing, or utilizing a sidewalk shed. Do not disturb fencing installed around a rain garden.

View the Department of Buildings, Bulletin Highlights here.

DEP may require other measures to be instituted when working near green infrastructure, including but not limited to notifying DEP in advance of the work, installing protective fencing, controlling runoff, and ensuring drains and curb cuts are not blocked.

For more information, please visit DEP’s green infrastructure page

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